The Avengers, Feminism and a Little bit on Race

What if all the male characters posed like the female one?

What if all the male characters posed like the female one?

The Black Widow is particularly lame in this movie as a superhero.  One would not even know why she is considered anywhere near the level of the other super heroes at any point.  Not one super power is explicitly indicated, explained or alluded to.  Just the idea that she can read people so super duper well.  Really?!?  This is her “superpower”?

To give you a little bit of actual comic book history of the Black Widow:

  1. She was a Russian spy who got her memory erased multiple times by the KGB so that they could make her into anyone at anytime.  A little bit Dollhouse.
  2. She was experimented on with early versions of the Super-Soldier Serum used on Wolverine and so has exceptional strength, healing powers, reaction times
  3. She can process multiple information streams very quickly.
  4. SHE IS RUSSIAN. Shouldn’t a Russian accent be the default here?

Seems she should have been more integral to the planning and forwarding of the plot.  Could she have been more vocal during the little boys fight going on upstairs or is it only the men who question things that are going on.  It seems since she can process multiple streams of information, she could have been integral to that part of the plot.

Or in the chase or running away from the Hulk since he wasn’t specifically chasing her, she could have been shown to have faster reaction time.  She could have heard something a few seconds earlier than someone else.

Oh, and how about some cinematic technique to show her fast reaction time?

By the way, I almost hate to write this because I love Joss Whedon.  He’s given us some super awesome female characters.  Yet in this movie, I was sorely disappointed.

Therefore this is no allegiance to the original or some incarnation of the original Avengers as some people have been quick to suggest to me.  This movie did not stick to the original stories in every situation.  In any case we really are only bound after all to what we allow ourselves to be bound by.

On race, I will note the lack of black superheroes.  There is Nick Fury.  The lone black character among how many roles offered up in this movie?  Where are the Asian people?  Hispanic?

Oh yeah, and geek fandom, I welcome the likely corrections to any minutiae I may have gotten wrong.  Jump in.  However rude or rudely sexist comments will be deleted.


Unknown- The Movie

So just saw this movie for the first time.  Some notes on how to make it less sexist:

Both taxi drivers could have been women.  This would have been a friendship of equals.  Two women with something in common, looking out for each other instead of all women totally isolated.

The taxi driver should have been the driver in the second car chase.  Why?  Why does Liam Neeson’s character take the keys from her when she knows the city much better?    Because he is a man?   He just almost got her killed.  He did get her best friend killed.  And then she hands over the keys to a tourist?  A scientist?  I think not.

Blerd 2013

Just found out that there is a special name for black nerds.  Blerds.  Didn’t know I had much of a community out there, at least not enough to warrant a special name.  I know there are black nerds just not all that many.  The thought that maybe I am just getting old creeped up on me, a feeling of being disconnected.  Why, b

From "The Chronicles of Harriet"

From “The Chronicles of Harriet”

ecause of the not knowing part.  Could it be that it’s mostly another, younger generation?  Anyway, if I liked the sound of the word more, I would proudly wear a t-shirt.  Well, I might still proudly wear a t-shirt.